MedicoRecs is a sister company to Medicorent and StartUpPharma, both CROs. We have recruited over 200 positions within Life Science.

Example of customers:

Janssen-Cilag, Novartis, Mylan, Otsuka, Allergan, Sanofi, Merck, PPD och Novo Nordisk etc.

Hamid Bakhshi, Founder and COO, as well as Executive Search Consultant.


46 (0) 73 85 311 65

– Co-owner and Vice President, Sr Recruitment Consultant, Sales Clinical Services Scandinavia AB / SCS Search

– CEO and Head of clinical trials, PAREXEL Sverige AB

– CRA Manager, Eli Lilly Sverige AB

– CRA Team Leader, Eli Lilly Sverige AB

– Planning Director of clinical trials, Pharmacia Sverige AB

– Head of clinical trials, Pharmacia Sverige AB

– Clinical trial leader, Pharmacia Sverige AB

– Quality assurance, Pharmacia & Upjohn Sverige AB

– Pharmacy degree, Uppsala University, 1996